Bullied to Death: The Tragic Story of Amanda Todd

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Culture and Media, News, Teen Life
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Amanda Todd was only one month away from her sixteenth birthday when she took her own life. Bullied to the point where she believed her life no longer had meaning, she succumbed to the insurmountable pain that her life had become and released her grasp on the world that had caused her so much torment.
How did this beautiful, bright and talented young woman cease to believe her life had value?

It all started with a simple mistake made by a naive teenager who just wanted to be loved. Amanda lived in the suburban town of Port Coquitlam, just outside the city of Vancouver, Canada, but her ordeal had begun almost four years earlier and miles away.

At twelve years old, Amanda Todd was a normal outgoing teenager who enjoyed spending time with her friends. During a video chat with several of them, an anonymous user asked Amanda to flash in front of the webcam and, in a moment of teen naivety, she revealed her breasts. She had assumed the person who had made the request was another teen, but as time progressed Amanda realized she was dealing with a much darker force. The anonymous user tried to blackmail her and asked her to put on a “show” for him, and if she refused, he would send the video of her breasts to everyone she knew. Soon the police were knocking on Amanda‘s door with the news that the video of her exposing herself had been distributed over the Internet.

The anonymous user soon turned into a stalker and relentlessly hounded Amanda online, sending the video to all of her Facebook friends. She began to experience depression, anxiety and panic disorder, and turned to drugs and alcohol to escape the mounting pain in her daily life.

Amanda changed schools but the stalker followed her, creating a Facebook page using an image of her breasts as an avatar. She became the target of bullies, and as desperation mounted, Amanda began cutting herself.

Again she changed schools hoping for a “fresh start,” but when a boy that she liked from her old school contacted her, she agreed to meet him. The two had sex and sometime later Amanda was shocked to find the boy had lied to her and had a girlfriend who had found out about the two of them.

Gathering a large group, the girlfriend cornered Amanda, telling her, “No one around here likes you!” The girlfriend severely beat Amanda and left her in a ditch until her father arrived to take her home. She drank bleach when she arrived home to escape the ever-increasing pain in her life.

After taunts on Facebook about her attempted suicide, Amanda changed schools yet again but the darker side of social media began to haunt her as she was tagged in photos and called a “porn star” by students.

As hope became nothing more than a mirage to Amanda Todd, she posted a video on YouTube in a plea for freedom from the hell she had been imprisoned in. Four years earlier Amanda Todd was young and full of life but a dark force crept into her soul that she could not defeat. On October 10th she was found dead in her home in Port Coquitlam.

The Vancouver Sun discloses that the online stalker who victimized Amanda is a “suspected” pedophile that police have traced to the United States. In an interview with the Sun, Amanda‘s mother Carol comments, “The police investigated and investigated, it got traced to somebody in the United States, but they never found him. Those people are very good at hiding their tracks.”

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SOURCE: The Washington Times
Jerome Elam


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