New Music from Lecrae!

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Music
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The “Church Clothes” video made its world premiere on

R.I.P. to Medgar Evers / R.I.P. to Doctor King
I ain’t tryna hate on my own kind / But Al and Jesse don’t speak for me
I’m probably gon’ catch some flack man / But I’ma swallow this pill like Pac Man
Some of these folks won’t tell the truth / Too busy tryna get them racks man
Church tryna rob my paychecks / Choir members probably having gay sex
Pastor manipulating, hurting women / I wonder what he’s gonna say next

Bookstore pimping them hope books / Like God don’t know how broke looks
They telling me that I’m gon’ reap a meal / If I sew into these low crooks
Plus I know old girl a freak / Now how she singing a solo?
I walk in the church with a snap back / And they telling me that that’s a no-no?
That’s backwards and I lack words / For these actors called pastors
All these folks is hypocrites / And that’s why I ain’t at church
Truthfully I’m just doing me / And I don’t wanna face no scrutiny
As long as the church keep wilding out / I can justify all my foolish deeds


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