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REACH RECORDS’ GRAMMY ® nominated hip hop artist Lecrae opens up about his latest song, “Church Clothes,” that was released last month as a part of his Mix Tape. Hoping to inspire discussion about hypocrisy in churches, instead the track has caused quite a stir among the community. However, Lecrae stands by his lyrics and explains this song is not meant to accuse or attack anyone or any denomination but purely to voice the perspective of an unbeliever’s encounter and view of the church.

“In the song ‘Church Clothes’ I was actually speaking from the perspective of a person who sees all the hypocrisy in church,” says Lecrae. “Many people have seen the hypocrisy and inconsistencies that have helped push them away from the church and God all together.”



This video is SO inspiring!!!!!!!!!

New Music from Lecrae!

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Music
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The “Church Clothes” video made its world premiere on

R.I.P. to Medgar Evers / R.I.P. to Doctor King
I ain’t tryna hate on my own kind / But Al and Jesse don’t speak for me
I’m probably gon’ catch some flack man / But I’ma swallow this pill like Pac Man
Some of these folks won’t tell the truth / Too busy tryna get them racks man
Church tryna rob my paychecks / Choir members probably having gay sex
Pastor manipulating, hurting women / I wonder what he’s gonna say next

Bookstore pimping them hope books / Like God don’t know how broke looks
They telling me that I’m gon’ reap a meal / If I sew into these low crooks
Plus I know old girl a freak / Now how she singing a solo?
I walk in the church with a snap back / And they telling me that that’s a no-no?
That’s backwards and I lack words / For these actors called pastors
All these folks is hypocrites / And that’s why I ain’t at church
Truthfully I’m just doing me / And I don’t wanna face no scrutiny
As long as the church keep wilding out / I can justify all my foolish deeds