Teen girls around the nation can participate in a high-energy, inspirational 2-day weekend tour with some of the top Christian music artists, authors, and performers.

The Revolve Tour will kick off Friday in Dallas and feature such artists as Britt Nicole, Group 1 Crew, Courtney Clark Cleveland, Hawk Nelson, and newcomer, Jamie Grace. The tour will also feature speaker and author Jenna Lucado Bishop, daughter of bestselling author Max Lucado.

It is estimated that about 6,000 girls will attend the event at each of the 10 cities. This year, the main theme of the tour will be about dreams although issues about relationships, guys, friends, faith, and choices will also be addressed.

In a video message aimed at Revolve girls, speaker and author Jenna Lucado Bishop – who said she has a “deep” calling to give hope to teen girls – encouraged her young viewers to pray to God on a regular basis and talk to God about mundane things in their lives in order to build a relationship with Him.

Also speaking on the tour is author and speaker Chad Eastham, one of the few male participants in the Revolve Tour. Eastham will give expert advice on guys and relationships. Males attending the Revolve events are usually volunteers or chaperones, such as dads, uncles, and youth pastors.

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