‘Jesus High’ by Applejaxx

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Music
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Artist: Applejaxx
Album: Jesus High
Release Date: 6/22/10
Label: Fadancy Music

Fun beats, Christ-centered lyrics and a mainstream rap appeal are only a few elements that begin to describe the new EP, Jesus High, from up and coming Christian rapper Applejaxx. Interestingly enough, the actual music is just as quality as any secular songs, but the lyrics are where is matters.

Songs like “iLive” show the love for Christ, stating up front “We live for Christ, yeah, if you love Jesus, clap your hands.” The title track, is something of a worship track which shows in the chorus and follows up the EP’s theme, which is that as Christ-followers, we should lift Jesus high in our lives. “App For That” offers up God’s solutions to many everyday problems with experience in life, such as broken love. The EP ends with a remix of the song “Fear Factor.” An uplifting beat is found, along with the rapping talents of Mr. Coldstone. It ends off the EP. Although I have not heard the original version of this song, I can only tell that it was remixed well.

Rating: 7/10 Applejaxx is proving to be an up and coming artist in the Christian hip-hop genre, with his newest EP Jesus High. Worshipful, Christ-centered lyrics are mixed with a good beat that make you want to praise God and dance at the same time.


  1. iLive feat. Ashleigh Nickole
  2. Future feat. Int’l Show
  3. Jesus High feat. Odetta
  4. App For That feat. Trini
  5. Fear Factor (Remix) feat. Mr. Coldstone

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