Owl City Wants to Hear Your Music

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Music
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Owl City (who opened for John Mayer last night) is teaming up with the world’s largest online distributor TuneCore in a partnership designed to help developing artists

TuneCore has created a special website in collaboration with Owl City. Artists that choose to go through this website for distribution can have Owl City’s Adam Young listen to one “single” off their release. Adam will choose his favorite among all of the music submitted and provide a constructive critique of the song directly back with the artist. Adam will choose the artist and song on Dec. 1.

As always, through TuneCore, artists keep all of their rights and receive 100 percent of the revenue from the sale of their music on iTunes, Amazon, spotify, Mog and other digital music stores.

Artists that would like this opportunity need to go to: http://www.tunecore.com/owlcity

“Adam wrote and recorded his own music simply to let others hear it. He might not have had a label when he started, but he did have new entities like Facebook, MySpace, MP3 Blogs, YouTube, Twitter and TuneCore that allow any artist to get heard. From there his music spoke for itself and went on to connect with millions of music fans around the world. His willingness to reach out and help and guide other artists is above and beyond. It is truly an honor to be able to work with him,” said Jeff Price – Founder, CEO & President of TuneCore, in a press release.

From the ‘Burger with Relish: Music‘ Blog at The Salt Lake Tribune. David Burger is the pop music/pop culture writer at The Salt Lake Tribune.

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