Melinda Doolittle: Beyond American Idol

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Music
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She went from being a tone-deaf kid to an American Idol star. Melinda Doolittle says she’s in awe of how God is working in her life and career.

When American Idol star Melinda Doolittle was a child she was encouraged to chase her dreams and try anything she wanted to. Her mother allowed her to give anything a shot once. After trying her hand at multiple activities, Doolittle decided she wanted to sing. She was given a spot in the Choir, right in the middle of the group. The director loved her charisma, however she was tone deaf.

The director pleaded with Doolittle not to let a peep of noise come out of her mouth but to mouth the words and smile. For a time Doolittle was content to oblige, but her desire to have a voice that would make people stop and listen when she sang drove her to perform in the talent show at her youth group in 7th grade.

When Doolittle told her mom that she wanted to sing at the talent show, her mom searched for the right words that were honest yet not going to crush her daughter’s dreams. “The first thing my mom said was, ‘Baby, you’re going to have to pray–HARD,'” says Doolittle, “and that is what I did.” For a month, she prayed harder than she had ever prayed before and she practiced and practiced. “The night of the talent show, I got to the youth group,” says Doolittle, “My youth pastor had heard me sing before and he knew the potential for disaster but he still believed in me. When I walked onto the stage I heard the music start, I closed my eyes and opened my mouth and a different voice came out.”

Miraculously she sang with perfect pitch that night and brought down the house. She then realized that her life could be much bigger than she realized. From that point on not only could Doolittle sing but she could hear harmonies.

In The Green Room
Go behind the scenes with Melinda Doolittle

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