A Love that Chases

Posted: July 15, 2010 in The Faith Walk
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We’re all trying to find it—it being that thing called love. Love. The English language only has one word for it. Ancient Greek has four, Italian has five, Arabic has more than a dozen.

We live life secretly hoping to happen upon it. We want to be known, completely, and to be accepted wholeheartedly anyway. To some, love is a feeling that comes like an onslaught of the flu, passionate but passing, contagious but ultimately forgotten.

But love is not just romance. We come into the world kicking and screaming, immediately wanting someone to tell us “it’s OK,” that we’ll be safe. Our mothers and fathers, whom we cling to so desperately, are so quickly taken for granted. Theirs is perhaps the truest love of all, the love that gives but does not always get in return. For years we live under the tireless protection of our fathers, the tender care of our mothers, and then we pack up our bags and stomp away to begin our own stumbling journey through the world.

We happen upon the intoxication of friends, of distractions, of happy times, whatever those may be. We try to fill our days with smiles and good memories, hoping to find the finer spice of life.

But, of course, the heart that was formerly tenderly cared for by our mothers gets broken at least once. At least once it is handled with careless hands and then casually tossed to the side when the sunshine begins to fade. No one can deny that he or she has not felt that stabbing pain at least once. The heart is a delicate thing; and the wounds that seem to heal leave scars that run deep.

The craving for love is channeled into the wholesomeness of work, of ambition. Perhaps enough success can erase a little pain. Perhaps the world will say, “Yes, you do matter.” And “Yes, you are someone!” And then the credits roll and life is just one big parade of greatness ever after.

Alas, no one is spared from at least a little failure, not even those who are disgustingly talented. And the emptiness returns like a bad stomachache.

But the earth is full of adventure, and with itching feet we move onwards to the unknown. There are caves of doubt and pools of sin. Just try putting one foot in the water, and it sucks you inward. Oh but it feels good for a time. For a time—it can quench any thirst.

There are consequences. There were consequences from the first bite of forbidden fruit. They may hide, and hide well, for a while. Eventually, however, they appear to collect their debts, and show no mercy.

“Why is it that they are so messed up?” We ask of the world around us, while sipping the wine of pride. We put on our nice clothes to hide the darkness which lurks in our own hearts, hoping that rules and good deeds can justify us. “Surely my small sin is not as great as his!”

But we are all equal, sharing in this panic, looking for love.

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