Top 10 Ways Christian Teens Can Make Friends

Posted: March 31, 2010 in Teen Life
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Are you new to the neighborhood or just moved to a new school? Have your old friends moved away and you wonder how to make new friends? Just because you are a Christian teen doesn’t mean making friends is any easier. Making a friend means taking a risk and putting yourself out there to be social and friendly. Here are some ways that Christian teens can make themselves available to find people to hang out with:

1. Know Who You Want to Be Friends With
Before you start trying to make friends, think about who you actually want to be your friends. What types of people do you want to associate with? While most Christian teens like to hang out with other Christian teens, it does not mean all your friends have to be Christian. Just remember that you want your friends to share some of your values and morals. You also want your friends to be uplifting and not drag you down into bad habits or behaviors.

2. Get Involved in Activities
The easiest way to make friends is to get involved in activities at school or in your youth group. It allows you to meet people that share your interests. Find some clubs or a local youth group that is active. As you continue to attend the activities you will find yourself drawn to certain people as friends.

3. Introduce Yourself
A lot of Christian teens don’t know how to make the first step in making friends. Sitting in a corner at an event or not saying a word in a club meeting doesn’t draw people to you. This is a hard step to take, and a quick prayer beforehand can help. God is a great provider of courage. It is hard to walk up to a person to introduce yourself. If you are really nervous, make the introduction quick and don’t expect to much. As people begin to know you are around they will start to include you in conversations.

4. Get Some Help
Youth pastors and leaders area great help in making friends. Many youth pastors are willing to meet with you before you join a youth group and can help introduce you to other Christian teens that share your interests. They may also be able to point you toward student ministries that fit your gifts so you can meet people. This may prevent you from having to take that first introductory step yourself, so it takes some of the pressure off.

5. Work on Your Conversation Skills
How well do you communicate with people? Try practicing conversation skills before you go to youth group or club meetings. Think of some fun topics to discuss and the different ways you can contribute to a conversation. You may feel silly having a conversation with yourself, but you will grow in your communication skills if you do.

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Kelli Mahoney is an experienced Christian Youth worker and published writer. Kelli has been working with Christian Teens for almost as long as she has been a Christian. She started out at a leader with the Senior High Ministry at Calvary Church in Naperville, Illinois and eventually worked at the Administrator for the NXT, or Senior High Ministry. Kelli also has significant experience working with troubled teens through her work in Juvenile Probation and mental health counseling. Visit her blog here:


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